Stand Mixer VS Hand Mixer(Pros,Cons,Comparisons)

It’s hard to change the viewpoint of individuals on kitchen appliances, and also it mostly depends upon their preferences. Yet once more, there may be a big rational distinction between what they think as well as what the fact is. This is the reason that we have actually decided to conduct an in-depth study which is called Mixer vs. Stand Mixer. Are you all mixed up and also wondering: hand mixer versus stand mixer – does it truly differ which one you make use when baking? There are recognizable distinctions in the means these appliances function. Below I clarify the differences, advantages as well as downsides to owning as well as utilizing both.

Stand mixer is the best if you cook a lot and in big amounts, while a hand mixer is the best solution for an occasional amateur baker.


Category Stand Mixer Hand mixer
Price 60$-400$ 20$-80$
Speed 5-12 5-6
Weight Around 12 pounds Around 4 pounds
Size Most are fairly large, around 10-10-10 inch Very compact, can be stored anywhere
Bowl Size It can hold roughly a gallon, enough to make a pretty large cake. Here you have the liberty to choose your own bowl, just remember your mixed won’t work great with thick substances
Attachments Balloon whisk, flat or Flexi-beater, dough hook. Sometimes you can get more specific add-ons, for example, a meat mincer, but they are usually not included. Flat beaters. Some models might include a balloon whisk, dough hooks or a hand blender attachment.


As the name recommends, a hand mixer requires using your hands in order to mix the ingredients together. It is a light-weight as well as portable hand-held kitchen device which is offered in two kinds: Electric Hand Mixer and Manual Hand Mixer.

An electrical hand Mixer consists of an electric motor and various speed setups which can be used to get the preferred mix as well as requires much less manual initiative from your side. On the other hand, a basic hand mixer, additionally known as an eggbeater, doesn’t include any kind of electric motor and you require to put in some hands-on force in order to blend your ingredients well together.

If you don’t bake routinely and also have less space in your cooking area then a hands-on hand mixer is the excellent choice. This type of mixer is excellent for light jobs which do not call for a great deal of mixing which includes preparing the cake batter, blending eggs together, and more.

PROS Of A Hand Mixer

While a hand mixer might not be as powerful as a stand mixer, it does have numerous advantages, one of the few reasons a lot of individuals tend to utilize it in their kitchen for mixing the active ingredients with each other. Here are a couple of pros of using a hand mixer:

  • Hand Mixers are considerably less expensive than a stand mixer.
  • Cleaning up an electric hand mixer is a lot easier as well as quicker than cleaning up a stand mixer. You can additionally use the eject button to eliminate the mixer accessory to ensure that you can wash it effectively.
  • They are much easier and less complex to operate and electric mixers provide customers with different mixer rates which can be set with the help of a solitary button.
  • They are tiny and do not call for a lot of storage room. They can be quickly saved in a cabinet or can be additionally put on your cooking area countertop for simple accessibility.
  • Hand Mixers do not require a lot of maintenance which helps in saving a lot of money as well as their add-ons usually come cheap so you can easily replace them once they are damaged and also can not be made use of any type of longer.
  • Hand Mixers are preferable for blending eggs and also cream.
  • They are lightweight as well as can be easily carried around. This is why also children can find out to utilize them correctly.
  • They are portable as well as can be used along with any kind of blending dish.
  • A few hand mixers have a powerful electric motor which enables the customers to carry out challenging blending jobs as well.

CONS Of A Hand Mixer

With every kitchen area tool, there are a couple of pros and cons related to its procedure. Below are a couple of negative aspects of using a hand mixer:

  • They are not as powerful as a stand mixer and so can not mix a lot of mixtures which require high motor power.
  • Your mixing dish and also your hand mixer are not fixed together in a perfect position so you will need to put in manual effort to make certain that the mixer is positioned properly and also does not damage the hand mixer in the process of mixing.
  • You can not mix thick batters with a hand mixer.
  • It permits you to prepare only tiny batches of mixes so it is not ideal for use during huge events.
  • An electric hand mixer offers just 3-5 speed setups and also, therefore, provides much less versatility to the baker.
  • It does not include a mixing dish so you require to either purchase it or make use of a bowl available in your kitchen area for blending the components together.
  • It doesn’t include a safety splash add-on so you need to beware concerning spilling the combination in your cooking area.


A stand mixer is an advanced variation of a hand mixer as well as consists of a heavy-duty electric motor that executes the majority of the tasks such as making doughs, thicker blends, and so forth leaving the customer cost-free to do various other kitchen tasks. A stand mixer is larger than a hand mixer and also includes a motor which is encased inside a durable metal body. Learn more about various attachments here.
However, considering that these mixers are bulkier relocating them around can be an actual pain so make certain you have a pre-defined area in the kitchen area for the mixer.
A stand mixer features a mixing bowl, installing base, as well as a stand mixer arm. The mounting base is the area where your blending dish is taken care of in position whereas the stand mixer arm is utilized to affix various accessories to your stand mixer so that you can prepare various types of blends.
If you are serious about cooking after that a stand mixer is your buddy and should be the first baking devices in your kitchen.

PROS Of A Stand Mixer

A stand mixer has a substantial advantage over a hand mixer due to its size and also its power which is why it is much more famous amongst bakers than a hand mixer. Right here are a few advantages of using a stand mixer:

  • It comes with a huge blending dish which allows the individuals to blend a lot of ingredients with each other without worry about any type of dashes or spills.
  • It includes a powerful motor which can carry out the most difficult blending jobs with great convenience.
  • It permits the user to connect various attachments and also devices for doing different mixing tasks. If you want to make delicious cookies, learn how to do it with your stand mixer in this article.
  • It gives you a choice to multi-task, so you can quickly concentrate on various other cooking area tasks while the stand mixer mixes your components for you.
  • It includes several advanced features and functions like a timer, automatic turn off feature, predetermined features, etc. that makes it simpler to mix components with your stand mixer.

  • It does not need any type of manual initiative from your side so you can loosen up while the stand mixer does the job.
  • It frequently has a big capability so you can blend thicker and also a bigger amount of mixes with ease.
  • It supplies around 12 various speed settings to the attribute which can cover a wide range of blending tasks.
  • It normally includes a splash guard which shields the mixer from spilling any kind of ingredients or mix outside the mixing dish.
  • You can blend various sorts of mixtures quickly and rapidly with your stand mixer and it will always give you a constant mix.

CONS Of A Stand Mixer

Apart from its numerous benefits, a stand mixer does have a couple of disadvantages that you need to consider if you’re serious about baking:

  • It is massive and heavy and also can be hard to move around or find space in your kitchen if you have a tiny kitchen area.
  • It is truly costly and also does not make sense if you are an amateur baker and not a normal one.
  • Cleansing a stand mixer and its attachments is rather difficult as well as winds up taking a great deal of time.
  • As a result of its powerful motor, it consumes a great deal of energy as well as can frequently boost your electricity bill by a fantastic quantity.


So which is ideal for you? At least, you should have a hand mixer. However, if you’re a serious house baker or bake for the large benefit and also food savings help your family members, you’ll enjoy the additional power as well as the function of a stand mixer. If you often cook for school or functions, you’ll be very glad to have a stand mixer. Some kitchens have both. And stand mixers such as the KitchenAid ™ models, provide extra function with unique accessories that permit the mixer electric motors to run other helpful kitchen devices. Such a multifunction appliance could conserve you counter room and money if you mean to purchase all those appliances.
A stand mixer is higher priced than a hand mixer, so you’ll intend to make sure you’ll make use of one before purchasing.


Let us not neglect that prior to there were any type of mixers, we beat things by hand. And also today, if you do not have a stand or hand mixer, you can technically do any of the work they do by hand. So if you do not have or have accessibility to a hand or stand mixer, that does not mean you can’t make a recipe.

Why “technically”? Well, if you’ve ever mixed egg whites to strong tops by hand, you’ll conveniently recognize why it’s nice to contend the very least an egg beater available. Mixing by hand does take substantially longer, and will provide you an excellent cardio workout.

When It’s Perfect To Mix By Hand:

  • If a recipe asks for eggs “lightly mixed together”- do this in a bowl making use of a fork or a wire whisk.
  • If a dish recipe tells us “fold in” an active ingredient, it’s often best to do this by hand. For example: Stirring delicious chocolate chips right into cookie batter, or folding egg whites right into a cake batter.
  • If the mixing needs to be warm. For example, if you’re melting chocolate and the recipe calls for you to “mix frequently”. Please do not do this with a hand mixer.

Do You Need A Stand Mixer To Make A Cake

Unless you’ve got buttery, fluffy layer cakes as well as meringue, you probably don’t require a stand mixer as well as even if you think you do, try a hand mixer first. They’re not as effective, but they are less costly, less complicated to store, and also greater than capable of finishing the job.


As pointed out earlier, a stand mixer as well as a hand mixer are both good at their corresponding jobs so you can not really contrast them with each other. Still, if you have a little spending plan and less kitchen area space then a hand mixer will be the far better option else you can easily acquire a stand mixer. Likewise, ensure that you determine your blending needs as well as mixing regularity prior to choosing among the mixers on your own. At the end of the day, everything comes down to your usage requirements as well as requirements. So, pick carefully when searching for a mixer for yourself. Nonetheless, if you’re serious about baking, or you simply wish to make things a little simpler on your own in the kitchen, a mixer is great to have. It is just one of those things that you’ll look back at and also ask yourself how you ever got by without one.