Paddle Attachment For Stand Mixer User Guide(+Manual)

It is your day off work, you are having a couple of pals over for dinner later, and also you intend to have some delicious chocolate chip cookies for a treat. You pick up your phone and also look for “recipe for delicious chocolate chip cookies.” You locate a nice-looking web site that assures to help you make the “finest cookies ever before” if you follow the recipe religiously. While looking through it you come across an odd line, “use a paddle attachment to mix the butter and also sugar for together for 3-5 minutes”. Now that got you a little bit worried; you’re curious “what is a paddle attachment for stand mixer? Just how can I get one? Are there any type of options to using an attachment?” Today I am going to tell you about this great item in my article.


Before we start, if you have bought a stand mixer recently, there is a very high chance you already have a paddle attachment. Most stand mixers you will purchase come with three attachments:

  •  a flat beater( which is the same as paddle attachment) for mixing ingredients
  • a wire whip or whisk for whipping creams or egg whites 
  • a dough hook for kneading

Stand mixers are some of the very best devices that you can have in your kitchen, particularly if you like cooking. When you have a stand mixer, you’ll never ever have to tire yourself out mixing a cake batter as well as you’ll never ever damage one more spoon off in a thick bowl of cookie dough. Every stirring, mixing, as well as blending job quickly becomes effortless. That is, certainly, if you have the best add-ons as well as the beauty of the stand mixer is that there are accessories for each and every task you want to carry out.


To start with, if you know what a flat beater is, you understand what the paddle attachment is. They are essentially the exact same thing.

You’ll identify the paddle by its distinctive form, which is type of similar to an arrowhead or a rounded triangular with 2 or three bars that divide the accessory right into areas. This enables the beater to get hold of whatever remains in the dish and stir it successfully. These cross-sections additionally supply better assistance, which permits the attachment to take care of ingredients that are difficult or heavy.

The paddle is likewise called a flat beater due to the fact that both sides are flat. The accessory twirls the components as well as the spaces between permitting the mix to experience the attachment itself to mix in with the other components.

Some paddle attachments will have one edge that is wider than the other. This wider edge acts as a scrape to get the sides of the dish as well as it will offer the accessory much more leverage to push the ingredients.

The paddle, or flat beater, is perhaps one of the most typical stand mixer add-on, capable of taking care of a wide range of applications. It’s a must-have product if you have a stand mixer, which is why it’s often included with your mixer.


Since you understand what a paddle attachment is, the next question on your mind is more than likely what do you use a paddle attachment for? If you are a baking fanatic, you are already starting to answer this concern in your mind. If you are brand-new to every little thing in baking, nevertheless, there are a few simple features you should realize that your paddle attachment can do for you. A paddle attachment is the supreme multi-purpose add-on for your stand mixer and can serve a lot of your cooking as well as mixing demands. They are the default attachments in a stand mixer for fundamental blending and creaming. If the dish advises you to mix, beat, mash or whisk, the paddle attachment is what you need to use.
It is primarily used for points you want to be entirely blended like cake batter and cookie dough or any other kind of batter. Paddle accessories are utilized particularly for mixing cookie dough given that cookie dough is lighter than bread dough. You can make use of the stand mixer paddle attachment for all your regular to heavy blends like brownies, cookies, cakes and also even more. It is also really helpful when creaming butter as well as sugar due to the fact that unlike the whisk, it does not draw in air and can aid minimize the air bubbles in the combination. If your paddle attachment has a scrape on it, even better, it will certainly save you a lot of time scuffing the accumulation on the sides of your blending bowl.

You can use your paddle attachment for:

  • Mix brownie, cookie, and cake batters
  • Make bread dough
  • Make frostings
  • Make whipped cream
  • Mash potatoes
  • Mix ingredients for meatloaf


The accessories for the stand mixer are usually easy to use. Your customer manual will describe how to affix and detach each element. In case you lost yours, here is a stand mixer manual.

Regarding utilizing the paddle add-on, you intend to begin gradually. Your mixer ought to have a few different speeds as well as you will typically start with a slow-moving rate to ensure that you avoid splashing or knocking components out of the bowl. Once the components begin to mix, you can begin boosting the speed. You simply intend to see the splashing. Wet ingredients might remain to sprinkle even after the mix has actually begun to come together.
When the blend is finished, you can raise the arm, remove the pull, as well as detach the paddle. Typically, you ought to rinse it off after each usage. If you have a dishwasher-safe paddle, you can stick it in the dishwasher but if you have to hand wash, it will be simpler the faster you do it.


Is the paddle add-on dishwasher-safe? It depends. You need to always read your user’s manual.

Sometimes paddle attachments are burnished or polished in a manner that makes them not dishwasher-safe. They are just bare aluminum, do not have any type of finishing that safeguards them in the dishwasher. Cleaning these paddles might ultimately damage the surface. Usually, with lightweight aluminum, there will be a weird plain film that forms throughout the metal, which can make it unusable.

Bear in mind that some bare metal blending add-ons are additionally dishwasher-safe so ensure that you read your individual’s guidebook of your mixer or the packaging of your flat beater.

Otherwise, your paddle will be covered white, which means that it’s dishwasher-safe. With time, this finishing can start to chip away, revealing the lightweight aluminum beneath


If you require to acquire a paddle add-on, remember that they will certainly come in different dimensions. You will certainly intend to take a look at the dimension of your blending dish and that will certainly tell you which add-on to buy.

If you obtain an add-on that is too small, it’s not going to mix effectively as well as a flex edge device that is as well little won’t have the ability to scuff the sides of the dish. On the other hand, an attachment that is also large may knock the dish around and even damage the machine.
When determining the attachment dimension, you require to understand the quart dimension of your mixer. Is it a five-quart mixer? A seven-quart mixer? As soon as you know that, you’ll be able to purchase the ideal attachment and this goes for all other add-ons.

If you are buying Kitchenaid products, all of their attachments are universal, so you don’t have to worry about it.


Depending on the job you intend to carry out and also the devices offered, you may have to utilize other accessories to do the work of a paddle add-on. Given that it is a basic multipurpose attachment, it must be rather easy to discover an alternative to it. However, the substitute devices or devices might not have the same performance as a paddle accessory.

The Flex Edge Beater is a very comparable accessory to the paddle attachment. It is a layered, dishwasher secure, steel beater with an adaptable side. It provides thorough as well as fast active ingredient mixing and also lessens dish scratching. When the directions in a recipe reviewed “finish and then scrape the blending dish,” the flex side beater presents your ideal selection for blending.


The flex edge does the very best task on foods that often tend to stick as well as/ or are spread around blending bowl, like cream cheese, butter, nut butters as well as honey.

  • Use the flex edge for final result that would certainly be referred to as “creamy” & smooth”.

The flat beater works well for foods that have some kind of texture.

  • Mashed potatoes that are smooth but not gummy, quiche, vegetable casserole dishes as well as numerous quick breads are all great choices for the flat beater.
  • Make use of the flat beater when reducing a solid fat-like lard, reducing or throwing butter right into flour.
    The fat encapsulated by the flour requires to keep its framework to create the flaky structure so wanted in products like pie crusts, biscuits, scones as well as shortbread.



This is the most important and primary multi-purpose beater and should be used for heavy mixtures such as:

  • making cakes
  • preparing frostings
  • baking cookies
  • making meatloaf
  • making mashed potatoes

Depending on the model of the mixer, the flat beater may be either burnished aluminum (not Dishwasher safe) or have a white coating (Dishwasher safe).  


  • The Wire Whip is a great add-on which is meant primarily for incorporating air into:
    • certain candies
    • mayonnaise
    • eggs
    • egg whites
    • whipped cream
  • The standard wire whip is made of stainless steel wires and a hub made of burnished aluminum.
  • Because of the fact that the hub is burnished aluminum, the wire whip is not Dishwasher safe.


  • The spiral dough hook serves the exact same function as the other dough hook yet it’s designed in a different way.
  • The other dough hook is formed to appear like a “J” as well as presses the dough against the sides of the dish.
  • The spiral hook presses the dough right into all-time low of the dish. Some mixers will certainly include the “J” hook while others may feature the spiral hook.


The dough hook is meant for heavy-duty tasks, it is used for kneading yeast dough such as:

  • pizza dough
  • rolls or buns
  • pasta/macaroni dough
  • different bread types

These are various other vital accessories that, in addition to the paddle attachment, will possibly come with your stand mixer when you buy it.

Stand mixers also have a ton of add-ons that attach to the arm itself. These include peelers and also slicers, meat grinders, mixers, juicers, as well as past makers, to name a few things. KitchenAid, as an example, has over 80 attachments, add-ons, and accessories for their mixers so everything depends on what you wish to cook.

When you are buying a stand mixer, you wish to maintain the attachments in mind. If you are intending on cooking a great deal of cookies as well as pastries, ensure that your mixer features a paddle attachment. If you wish to have the ability to make pasta or grind meat, make sure that the brand name you purchase has the appropriate attachments readily available.


To sum up, the Flex beaters are very ideal for foods that tend to stick to the sides of mixing bowls. Paddle attachment conversely, does the job best for foods that have texture, which is foods that are smooth but not sticky, they make an excellent job when used for baking, especially loaves of bread. All in all, this attachment can be a great help with many cooking tasks, so I highly recommend getting one.