How To Grind Meat Without A Meat Grinder( 3 Easy Ways)

For the preparation of certain dishes, housewives use minced meat. But what if there is no meat grinder at your disposal, and it is necessary to make a lot of meat from which the dish will be prepared? How to make minced meat without a meat grinder and blender? Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to prepare it. And it does not matter what kind of meat you have: chicken, pork or beef.


Minced meat, which is made with your own hands, has a huge advantage compared to the one that was made with a meat grinder. The main advantages of cooked” manually ” minced meat:

  • The texture of the dish changes for the better. Think it or not, grinding meat with your own hands distributes far better than using a device. A lot of us are used to ground meat that is currently packaged as well as easily offered in the store. Obtaining your meat this way is a great deal simpler. Once you try making your very own ground meat, you’ll see the difference in regards to appearance as well as taste. Hand-chopped meat is much more tasty as well as has texture.
  • The dish is filled with a rich taste. Meat that’s been sitting on the shelf often tends to have a plain, drab taste to it. In some cases, it’s even transforming grey which is far from suitable. It most likely won’t injure you, however it likewise won’t provide you a ruptured of fresh flavor you can get from freshly ground meat.
  • It is healthier and safer. Ground meats offered in the grocery store attract many eyes. What the majority of people don’t understand is what enters into that bundle. Extra significantly, how clean is the kitchen as well as machinery made use of in the grinding process. You’ll also observe that when getting ground meat at the grocery store, there is a greater fat proportion in the less expensive products.

What to cook from minced meat? Tender and juicy meatballs, rissoles, diet rissoles, steamed, meat casserole, meat in pots and so on. In order for the dish to turn out delicious, the meat should not be in the freezer long before cooking. Freezing significantly affects the taste of meat and its condition. As for fresh meat, it is ideal for minced meat, which will be prepared with your own hands.


If you want to grind your own meats, you’ll wish to ensure you’re picking the best cuts. For beginners-whether you’re grinding beef, pork, chicken or any other choices-you’ll need a cut with some fat. If your meat is also lean, you’ll end up with a difficult output. You’ll want a minimum of 15% fat in your ground meat (though up to 25% is suitable).

The cuts with the ideal balance of meat and also fat are commonly shoulder cuts in beef, pork as well as lamb. If you’re grinding chicken, make certain to utilize dark meat, for example, chicken thighs. If you wish to take it to the following degree, you can also grind fish, like tuna or salmon.

If you assume your mix will be too lean, you can ask your butcher if they have any kind of fatty trimmings( or lard) they ‘d be willing to offer-you’re most likely to obtain these for extremely inexpensive price.


First, you need to prepare the inventory. We will need two knives: one long and narrow, and the second knife-with a wide blade. The first knife will be needed for direct cutting of meat, and the second-for subsequent cutting.

Next, prepare a board for cutting meat. The board should be large, so that we do not worry about the fact that we can stain the table. Also, it should be of good quality, preferably wooden or plastic. This is important, because if the board is old, it can peel off the coating, which can get into the stuffing. When cooking meat, it is very important to remember that it must be chopped, not cut. As you chop, all the time move the already chopped meat to the center of the board. This technology should be adhered to make the stuffing juicy. And now, most importantly, meat. In order to cook minced meat, you can take any meat. Remember that good fresh meat should not smell bad, the color should be uniform and not too bright. 

Way of preparation of minced meat using a knife:

  • You need to take about 300 grams( 10 oz) of meat. Prepare the meat: wash, clean the skin, bones. If the taken piece is too big, it needs to be cut into several parts for the convenience of work.
  • From the cut pieces of meat, we make slices, cutting them with a long knife. After that, each slice should be cut into small pieces, each of which should be about one centimeter(1/3 inch). For convenience, it is recommended to take several slices at once.
  • Now that the meat is cut, you can start chopping it. Take a knife-cut and chop the little pieces.

  • The process of chopping the meat into minced meat should not be very fast. Do not forget that the meat should be moved to the center of the cutting board. This technology of cooking meat allows for a short time to get the desired consistency of minced meat. Usually, the cutting process does not exceed ten minutes.
  • After the work with the meat is finished, you can add other ingredients to the stuffing. What kind of ingredients depends on the dish.
  • Well, at the final stage of preparation, the resulting minced meat should be beaten off on the table, like dough. This will make it airy and uniform.

How to make chicken thigh mince:

  • First, prepare the meat, for this, it needs to be washed and you also need to remove the skin.
  • After that, the meat should be separated from the bone. Cut the meat into small pieces, then take a mallet to beat the meat.
  • It is necessary to beat off each part of the meat with a mallet.
  • After a few minutes, beat the minced meat and cut into pieces again to achieve airiness. 

How to grind meat with a food processor

If you have a food processor in your home, all you require are a couple of various other staple kitchen things to get the party began. All you will need is your food processor, plastic wrap, parchment paper, a baking sheet, and a knife.

  • Cut the beef (or pork, or what have you) right into one-inch dices. Keep in mind, it is very important to leave the fat but remove any kind of bones.
  • Put the beef cubes on a parchment-lined cooking sheet and also freeze italong with the food processor blade– for about half an hour. Why the mixer blade? It’s important that every little thing stays as chilled as possible during this procedure. Otherwise, you risk having a mushy mince.
  • Place the blade in the food processor, and also fill the dish halfway with beef dices. Pulse the boost to 10 times, utilizing quick, one-second pulses. Unload out the meat as well as repeat with the remainder of the beef cubes.
  • If the beef does not hold together or look incorrectly ground, regrind as required.
    And that’s it! Making your very own hamburger is very simple and it offers you control over your recipes.

How to make minced meat using a grater

This variant is the simplest, but requires you to put some effort in. All you need to do is to freeze a piece of meat you are going to work with, and grate it as if it was a piece of cheese.


Honestly, I like making use of a meat processor as it’s purpose-developed for doing that one task, and also most of them do it well. But I recognize everybody has various needs. If you’re the kind that is good at finding out brand-new skills in the cooking area after that it’s hard to beat the blade method. This is exactly how it was done back then. The most effective advantage of this method is you can manage the size of the chunks. Ensure you make use of a very sharp knife. A blunt knife really enhances the chance of injury as well as it’ll take you a lot longer to chop the meat. Using a mixer is likewise a great alternative. It’s extremely quickly as well as you’ll still create exceptional ground meat.