8 Tips On How To Use Electric Skillet( Begginer’s Guide)

Have you ever before wondered what you would certainly do without your stove? For some of us, this is not a concern whatsoever, but a day-to-day part of life. I have been making use of an electric skillet frequently for quite a few years, since it cooks more evenly than my range leading fry pan, as well as cleaning is a piece of cake.

Therefore, I am below to teach you just how to utilize an electric skillet. Believe it or not, there is virtually nothing that you can not prepare with one of these great things! There are several electric skillet useful features such as frying, slow-cooking, boiling, baking, and so on. Whether you’re an occasional customer of electric skillet or a or a professional cook looking to make life easier at home, this little tutorial needs to assist you to improve your skills and therefore come to be a true electric skillet master!


An electric skillet is similar to an ordinary frying pan. However, instead of utilizing it on the oven top, you connect it right into the socket, and the skillet will certainly heat up with the electrical power. These skillets are extremely prominent, and they are just one of the most common kitchen home appliances that are used, and they are usually used each day in the majority of families. An electrical frying pan is a frying as well as cooking frying pan that is connected into an electric socket to enable it to heat and fry food. This differs standard pans that are positioned on a stove to warm. Some frying pans also go to the degree of providing a heating surface area for even as well as much faster cooking. The size of the pan varies and also this influences the quantity of food it can keep in one cooking. If you are looking to buy a skillet, I have made a list of best models here for you.


There are a selection of factors to use among these electric skillets, therefore many different types of food that you can prepare in it too. They are able to maintain a stable temperature level throughout the whole food preparation process, unlike cooktop pans, as well as this helps you to prepare your food to perfection. There are numerous various kinds of foods that you can prepare in an electrical skillet, such as pancakes, eggs, french toast, cheese sandwiches, as well as also foods like doughnuts and also fritters. There are many possibilities that you have when you utilize an electric skillet. If you intend to be a master of electrical frying pan, you need to understand things an electric frying pan can handle.

Most electric skillets can be suitable for different food preparation approaches, such as the following:

  • Sauteing. This method utilizes small amounts of oil or grease at medium and quick heat.
  • Pan-frying.Pan-frying is a way of cooking with a small amount of fat or oil and mixing food frequently.
  • Braising. Braising is a method that entails wet and dry heat. This implies that the food is seared at a really high temperature and then covered with a lid and later on left at a fairly low-temperature level for finishing off the food preparation.
  • Pan-broiling. This approach includes steaming rapidly without fat or oil or browning the components with a small percentage of fat or oil.


If you have already bought your very own electric skillet, I have some points for you to bear in mind so you can make the most out of the gadget in your home. Keeping an eye on these suggestions will certainly guarantee a longer-lasting device as well as far better cooking time.

  • If in case the electric skillet you have is a non-stick or Teflon model, make use of a wood or soft plastic spatula on it while utilizing the device. Remember that in order to shield the covering of the skillet, you need to utilize wooden tools on it. Metal utensils will only damage the finish of the unit; they can create scratches and nicks and when the coating is harmed, the food you cook on it will certainly adhere to the pan. Wood utensils ensure that the non-stick layer that the unit has will certainly last for a long while.
  • After finishing cooking in your electric skillet, bear in mind to allow the unit cool down first prior to cleaning it.
  • Do not dispense cold water on it in order to cool it down. Allow the skillet cool on its own. A leap in temperature level could bring about bending of the system’s metal elements and this can damage the whole unit.
  • A non-stick electric frying pan should be cleaned with a mild detergent always. If in case the pan has persistent spots on it that won’t go away with one wash, you could need to soak the whole point in water overnight. By doing this, the solid food pieces will certainly loosen as well as it will certainly be easier to get rid of all dust build-up the following early morning. Bear in mind to clean the device carefully as well as constantly clean the device by hand, not in a dishwasher.
  • If you do not intend to be aggravated with soaking the device overnight in water, ensure that you clean the device right after eating when it has cooled. It is simpler to clean skillets and also various other dishes with it. Eat it, then clean it- my personal kitchen rule number one.
  • Before adding oil or fat, make sure that you pre-heat the frying pan first. A stainless-steel design could require to be pre-heated first in reduced settings for 5 minutes. Following that, you can add the fat or oil, and lastly set the heat to medium. This will ensure that the food you are most likely to offer will be cooked equally from all sides.
  • Try to find and electrical skillet that is valued between 75-100  bucks, If you intend to utilize it pretty often. Check product reviews for a common sense of exactly how others have rated brand name performance.
  • Keep the skillet far back from the side of counter so little hands can’t accidentally pull it down. When you’re utilizing an electrical skillet, the stovetop might appear the all-natural location to place it. Nevertheless, if you’re preparing various other points on the cooktop, or in the stove, this extra warmth resource can pose a fire hazard. A more secure choice is to cook with the skillet near the stove, but out the stovetop.


  1. Do not utilize it outdoors.
  2. Do not move your skillet around if there is warm or even hot oil in it. You might get burnt.
  3. First, plug in the temperature level control to the frying pan, and after that connect it right into the outlet.
  4. Never run the electric frying pan with a damaged cord.
  5. Make sure that every one of the legs and handles are effectively secured onto the skillet for your own security.
  6. Do not touch the hot surface area with your bare hands. Obvious, I know, but it still happens,
  7. Never immerse the cord or temperature level gauge right into water.
  8. Disconnect it when you have actually ended up using it.


  • If you wonder why you ought to even trouble with an electric skillet if their cooking area has a cooktop. It’s, in fact, an extremely helpful, versatile device that’s indispensable in the kitchen if you regularly cook things. Due to the fact that electric skillets typically have straight sides and also a wider surface than conventional frying pans, they keep heat much more effectively.
  • The kinds of foods that you can prepare in an electric skillet, in addition to the number of ways to prepare recipes, is seemingly limitless. Paella, pancakes, bacon, French toast, fried chicken, stews, sauces, steaks, therefore far more can all be prepared with this device as well as come out wonderful.
  • If you’re trying to cut down on your energy make use of an electric skillet will certainly aid you save money on energy bills, especially if you have a traditional stove that has a tendency to make use of a considerable amount of gas. During the warmer months of the year, electric skillets have an additional crucial advantage: you can get a dish on the table without heating up your residence by switching on your normal stovetop.
  • For celebration gatherings when huge meals are the necessity but your oven is already occupied with some dish, having an electrical skillet to take care of additional food or help the food preparation along can be a massive time saver. This is likewise true whenever of year if you have a smaller stove.
  • Because electrical skillets maintain temperature level so well, they’re wonderful for deep frying chicken, potatoes, fish, donuts and pastries, and also practically anything you could consider. As opposed to purchasing a separate deep fat fryer, an electrical frying pan can multi-task and provide you a much better value.
  • You can easily make larger quantities of food with them.
  • Use an electrical frying pan to maintain prepared foods warm and at an appropriate temperature, such as a buffet warmer would do.
  • If you have an unstable dish that requires an extremely constant temperature level, an electrical frying pan can assist your recipe end up efficiently every time. Electric skillets are incredible to make use of when a recipe needs reduced heat poaching-try it with fish or eggs, as well as you might never ever intend to return to using a conventional pan.
  • Set the warmth reduced, as well as you can make use of an electrical frying pan for cheese or chocolate fondue.
  • Those that reside in a place where a kitchen area isn’t available, such as in a dormitory, find electric frying pans helpful for preparing dishes.
  • If your stovetop ever stops working, an electric frypan can stand in momentarily. Some people wind up using them long-lasting.


I hope you have discovered something about the basics of an electric skillet and have actually gathered some idea regarding electrical skillet usage. The advantage of an electrical frying pan is that it can preserve a consistent temperature better than a frying pan on the range. This makes it optimal for frying doughnuts (or whatever) and cooking pancakes or various other grilled recipes. It doesn’t warm the cooking area as high as an oven, so some people truly like to utilize it for quick cooking in the summer season.