7 Absolute Best Stand Mixers In 2020(To Suit Each Taste)

Stand mixers are slowly taking over the world due to the fact that they make our life so much easier. With the current popularity for baking and baking TV-shows, lots of people are even buying them and also making use of them, as opposed to having them serve their traditional objective: looking wonderful as well as impressing visitors entering your kitchen, who were so amazed thinking you were baking all the time, although you, in fact, were not. Today I am going to tell you about my most favorite stand mixers.


Bowl dimension
The detailed bowl dimension isn’t the quantity of food it can hold, given that you’ll need space for mixing without flinging food across the kitchen. Larger isn’t constantly much better, however. While a gigantic dish is wonderful for making dual batches of bread dough, it’s not as reliable for making small batches of whipped cream.

Lift vs. tilt-head
Tilt-head mixers are the most usual style and allow you to get the mixer head out of the dish. However, if you intend on making use of the mixer under your kitchen cabinets, that head can get in the way when you raise it to add components or remove the dish. Bowl lift versions are taller as well as the bowl can be lifted up down for loading and also elimination.

Power capability
Stand mixers can be used for every little thing from beating egg whites to kneading bread dough. Many mixers will have no trouble whipping thin liquids or defeating cake batter, yet if you intend on mixing a great deal of dense cookie dough or working bread dough, a model with a heavy-duty motor will strain less, blend better, and also last much longer. If you want to know the difference between Hand and Stand Mixer, click here.


This stand mixer has the functions you require at a price that’s more economical than the high-end models. It likewise has one additional-instead of a single dough hook, it has dual dough hooks, so it can handle your bread dough with ease. This has six speeds, a 5-quart dish, and also features both dough hooks, a whisk accessory, a beater add-on, and a splash guard. The dish has a handle that makes it very easy to affix and eliminate as well as very easy to vacant. The tilt-head style makes it simple to access the dish, while suction mug feet make certain the mixer remains in position on the counter. The dish and also cable whip are dishwasher risk-free, yet various other accessories ought to be cleaned by hand. While this can do pretty much everything a much more expensive mixer can, it’s a bit louder in operation.

Pros Cons
Best for beginners Some accessories are not dishwasher-safe
Has a lot of useful add-ons


This tiny mixer from KitchenAid is 25 percent lighter and also has a 20 percent smaller sized impact than the firm’s timeless mixer, yet the 250-watt motor and hob add-on indicate that it’s compatible with accessories like the pasta roller, grater, spiralizer, and also more. The beaters and bowls are not interchangeable with various other designs, nevertheless. The tilt-head design makes it simple to access the bowl or adjustment beaters, as well as the head secure location to make sure the beaters keep in close contact with the dish for even blending. It has 10 blending speeds. This has a 3 1/2 quart dish, so it won’t hold as high as the full-size models, yet it’s fine for lots of cookies at once. This includes a covered lex beater, dough hook, as well as wire whip and can be found in 10 different colors.

Pros Cons
Best for small spaces, light Add-ons are not interchangeable with other models


Below’s a cool angle- a folding mixer for those with worktop room restrictions. The MR is excellent for the laid-back cook that cooks every now and then and isn’t remotely thinking about having a status sign on the kitchen area worktop. Build high quality and also efficiency can not compete with the distinguished gamers- this set’s all plastic and also the whisk accessory is titchy comparative-yet it will certainly master a bunch of cupcakes and the bread loaf.
The folding mechanism, however, is a tour de force. After a tidy up, both the arm and the vertical column layer down right into a cool bundle for storing in the nearest cabinet. However, you will need to locate somewhere to tuck away the dish. As well as bowls, this actually rotates while the whisk (or dough hook) does its stuff. I’m pretty sure that’s not a great indication, in terms of possible durability or effective mixing. The youngsters will definitely appreciate it, though.

Pros Cons
Very portable Details are made of plastic
Geat when you don’t have a big kitchen Can’t handle a big batch


The SMF01 is a striking masterpiece of 1950s uniqueness. Site visitors will most likely ignore your greetings and also head straight in the direction of the countertop for a fast stroke of its smooth, shiny die-cast aluminum head. Then they’ll ask you to bake a cake. The Smeg has a 10-speed, soft-start 800-watt electric motor – 500 even more watts than the KitchenAid, although we actually examine the effectiveness of that – which makes easy work of anything you toss into its similarly lovely 4.8-liter polished steel dish. One area where it probably surpasses the Kitchenaid is that adding as well as removing tools is easier. Considered that the Smeg is currently a little bit cheaper than the KitchenAid, it’s a real gamble in between the two. In numerous areas, the Smeg seems the far better buy as it’s similarly well built and it is available in a comparable series of striking colors. Nonetheless, one can not discount the popular integrity of the KitchenAid electric motor as well as other moving parts. I likewise feel it’s additionally much less likely to fit into a lot of cooking areas. That’s simply me, however. And also, naturally, if you have actually already filled your kitchenette with various other little bits from Smeg’s art deco-influenced design lineup, dive right in. It’s a cracking cake companion.

Pros Cos
Powerful motor Looks a bit old-fashioned
Affordable for the quality


The brand of mixer that sets the standard KitchenAid’s stand mixers are the mainstay of many a TV cookery show – including the Great British Bake Off. KitchenAid’s ‘K’ model mixer was originally designed in the 1930s and not much has changed since then. It still has the same, pleasingly old fashioned 10-speed lever with nice big lettering and a similar lever on the back to lift up the heavy-duty arm. Aside from a thing for adding pasta and meat grinder type attachments on the front, that’s about it. The 300-watt Artisan is available in 26 tantalizing colors and comes with a 4.8-liter stainless steel bowl, a balloon whisk, dough hook and flat beater for heavier mixes. It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply throw in the ingredients, lower the arm and slide the speed controller a few notches to the right. The motor fires up and much mixing is done. A clear, removable plastic lid protects against splashback and features a large portal for the addition of extra ingredients during the mixing process. Few modern mixers match this handsome retro beauty for style or blending efficiency. Granted, the KitchenAid Artisan costs more than its competitors but you’ll reap the benefits in reliability, durability, efficiency and, above all, ease of use. Whether you prefer it or the Sage largely comes down to whether you prefer a modern or classic look.

Pros Cons
Reliable, great reviews Costly
Stable operation


If you want to go beyond just bread and cake baking, consider this pricy yet widely efficient stand mixer-food processor from Magimix. The Patissier is offered in black, silver, red, creme as well as pink and virtually covers all cooking as well as food preparation options, whether it’s making dough, whipping cream, whisking eggs, cutting, dicing and also grating greenery or slicing things It’s likewise with the ability to make smoothies as well as fresh juices. The Patissier is comprised of a heavy-duty main unit packed with a massive 1,500-watt motor that is assured for three decades. No, that’s not a misprint wide variety of accessories too long to list right here implies you will certainly require a lot of area. Emphasizes consist of a 4.9-liter stainless-steel bowl, 3 extra plastic bowls and an entire bunch of cutting and slicing applies. The major system is simple enough to utilize as it has just 3 huge buttons-stop, auto and also pulse- however you can be certain your head will certainly be buried in the significantly detailed guidebook for fairly a long time, if only to exercise which accessory is best for the task in hand. If you have the economic abilities and the space to put all of it, you will not be dissatisfied with this equipment‘s performance given that it succeeds at virtually any type of work you throw at it.

Pros Cons
A variety of functions Pricey
Powerful motor
Beautiful design


Unlike its (undoubtedly exceptional) predecessor, this does not head out of its means to look unlike a typical stand mixer, however, it still boasts a host of natty style flourishes. These include a very convenient deal with on the front of the verbalized mixer arm, an LED-lit bowl, an LCD timer and also a handy strip light that shows the speed setting you’ve picked, simply in case you’ve forgotten. The 1,200-watt electric motor instantly increases when larger ingredients are included. It really has actually been extremely well thought-through and also created: 4.7-litre glass borosilicate microwave-safe bowl, an extra 3.8 litre stainless-steel dish and also a wealth of tools, consisting of a scrape beater with rubber edges to capture wayward components on the side of the bowl, a dough hook, a level beater for much heavier batters as well as a massive whisk. It’s additionally readily available in 5 refined colors.

Pros Cons
Great add-on tools Costs a lot
Easy to use
High-quality materials