2020 Best Hand Mixers Buying Guide(5 Models Review)

Blending foods by hand can be a challenge. There’s the exertion called for, together with the time it takes as well as the reality that, even after mixing extensively, you’re likely to discover that things aren’t blended in addition to you believed they were. Using a stand mixer can be a great deal of initiative and calls for considerable clean-up, also. That’s where hand mixers can be found in.

Hand mixers can often take the place of a stand mixer completely, or they can step in and also take care of smaller blending jobs. They’re small, easy to use, as well as super versatile, and also whether you love to cook or bake, chances are you’ll discover a lot of uses for a hand mixer.

To locate the very best hand mixers, I reviewed products based upon elements like their power, attachments, unique features, as well as extra. We’ve additionally included details on what you ought to look for to locate a mixer that’s just right for your needs.

Before we begin, here is a short summary of the article:

  • BEST OVERALL: Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed
  • BEST DESIGN: Oster FPSTHM2578 6-Speed Retractable Cord Hand Mixer
  • BEST FOR COMFORT: KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer
  • BEST FOR BEGINNERS: Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer


Every hand mixer will certainly consist of fundamental beaters, however, there’s a selection of accessories that may be consisted of, from whisks to dough hooks to stick blender accessories. If you’ll make use of those extras, they’re fantastic to have. If you will not use them, they’ll simply eat up storage room.

While hand mixers are already small, numerous are developed to make keeping them even easier. Storage containers are common, and some designs utilize the mixer, itself, to function as the top of the container. Retractable cords can also make storage space simpler.

Planned Use
Take into consideration exactly how frequently you expect to utilize the hand mixer and also what sorts of mixing jobs you’ll require it for. If you plan to use it routinely as well as will be dealing with harder work, like making dense doughs, then an extra superior version will certainly make one of the most feeling. For just periodic use, a basic model might be a better selection.

A respectable hand mixer doesn’t need to set you back a ton, yet several of the wise functions can drive a mixer’s price up. If you want to invest quite a bit on a hand mixer, you might think about purchasing a stand mixer, instead.

Special features
All hand mixers will certainly do a fine job blending your cake batter, yet nearly every model has something that makes it various from the competitors. You’ll discover special dials, lights, covered whisks, and customized storage space choices, among other attributes. When you’re making your option, those special attributes might be the distinction between a mixer you love to use and also one that’s functional however not enjoyable.

Variety of speeds
While you may never use all the rates on your mixer, going from off to low and boosting the speed gradually can minimize the amount of splashing and spilling that can take place if you go straight to a quick speed. At the same time, some mixers have a turbo switch that gives you a burst of extra speed when you require it.

KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Digital Hand Mixer

If you are the one in your family members that acquires the kitchen area appliances, you would know what wonderful a brand KitchenAid is. We weren’t in any way amazed when we reviewed the hand mixer of this brand and it met all our expectations. The most distinguishing characteristic of the KitchenAid products is the variable speed it offers to tailor according to the density as well as the concentration of the batter. The 9-speed hand-mixer actually has all the performances of the equivalent blender or food processors of KitchenAid. Speed one is utilized for slow-moving stirring, speed six is used for whipping batters and also sugars and also lastly speed 9 is used for the function of whipping meringue. The item includes a lockable swivel cable. As expensive as the word sounds, the energy consumption of this feature is excellent too! In order to spin active ingredients from left or right or at any angle, this certain lock is provided. What customers declare while utilizing generic hand mixers is the fact that they need to be extra careful while un-attaching the accessories. To fix this trouble, KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Digital hand mixer features a beater ejection button. You can easily dispatch the accessories with the help of one single button. The beaters are made of stainless steel and also dishwashing machine secure. This suggests you can quickly clean them and also do not need to worry that your beater will be rusted eventually. I was quite satisfied with the soft handhold. Especially for dense baking liquids, it takes some time to beat it correctly. Therefore, comfort level is perfect when you are handling the mixer. You can find more info on how to use this mixer in a user manual.

Pros Cons
Easy to store the accessories Add-ons are not a part of a mixer and need to be bought separately
Easy to use
Has locks for convenient beating
Slow start to avoid splashing
Many speed options

Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer

Another of my favorite hand mixer is Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer. I loved the great power it has. To be exact, it can take a peak power of 250 watts. This number is pretty great to beat and whip the dense batters and dough for your baking. I thought that this mixer is quite versatile. In fact, it is almost as good as stand mixers in terms of functionality for the small volume of items. You can actually mix, whisk and fold with this hand mixer. For new bakers or occasional bakers, this is one product that we would highly recommend you to use for its versatility. It comes with a built-in bowl rest feature. How is this helpful for you? When you are adding the ingredients for mixing, this bowl rest helps the mixer to settle down. I liked this feature specifically for new users who find it difficult to manage hand mixers while baking. The product comes with 6-speed functions. But I honestly loved its added feature called the ‘burst function’. What it does is if you want to increase speed a little bit more, you can add a push to your beating with this burst function. The product provides you with a pretty decent storage case to keep the accessories. The accessories are basically the basics of hand mixers. It doesn’t come with fancy added gadgets or accessories. You will get the traditional beaters and whisk with Hamilton Beach 62682RZ hand mixer.  You can find more info on how to use this mixer in a user manual: Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer

Pros Cons
Convenient to store Not that durable
Dishwasher safe Not many add-ons
Easy to clean
Has burst button for extra power

Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer 

Among my top choices for you is Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer. Let me go individually about a few of its ideal features as well as the most awful. The item comes with an automated finish option meaning you do not need to worry much regarding the start or stop of the mixer when it’s done. The power of this hand-mixer is 220 watt which is sufficient for whipping almost all kind of frosting, cream and baking batter. I particularly liked the smooth begin function that it has. Basically, there is provision for 3 low speeds during the start. As a matter of fact, when you get comfortable using the product, you can make use of the one action power switch which has 9 LED screen. For storage space, you would call for a very little area. The devices that you get with the product are beaters, dough hook, spatula and also chef’s whisk. It becomes very easy for you to store the devices of the item with the storage given. Now if you are a regular baker as well as require a big quantity of baking batters to beat every day, we would suggest choosing a stand mixer rather than this. It can not take on the very practical stand mixers, however we can ensure you that for tool or smaller quantities this hand mixer will supply you with all that you need for your cakes, cookies and also other baking products. Here is a user manual for this model.

Pros Cons
9-speed functions and a  feature of smooth start, powerful motor A bit noisy
Lightweight, portable Not suitable for professional bakers
Convenient storage option because of sturdy storage case
Attachments are dishwasher safe

Oster FPSTHM2578 6-Speed Retractable Cord Hand Mixer 

If you prefer good looking kitchen devices, Oster FPSTHM2578 6-Speed Retracting Cable Hand Mixer is one of my top picks for you. Other than its unique layout, its attributes and also capabilities are fairly excellent too. It has a quite respectable electric motor power of 250 watts. This is suitable for whipping or mixing dough as well as batters. The product has the stipulation for six variable speed settings based upon your comfort. We located it quite straightforward to boost the speed simply by pushing a  button. The speed distinction exists to accommodate the specific texture of different dough, cream, frostings, and batters. When you start the device, it begins slow-moving so that you are not shocked or spill the ingredients. You can slowly increase the speed based on your focus on food. It provides a little push if you are dealing with something difficult or dense. Nonetheless, I would recommend that you make use of the burst choice after you are well-acquainted with the usage of the machine. Or else, you might end up making a mess out of your cooking area counter. The most distinctive feature of the item is its retractable cable. You can conveniently plug or disconnect the maker based on your benefit and also keep it at a secure storage place. The added accessories of the item are chrome beaters and also balloon whisk. More info is in this user manual.

Pros Cons
Retractable cord Not all speeds are useful
Great design
Balloon whisk included
Convenient to store
Burst button
Slow start option

BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer

An additional specifically developed product is BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer for you. Other than being a good-looking cooking area device, this product has a high motor power of 250 watts. It has a variable speed choice of 6. You know what this suggests! It implies that you get to create your wanted fluffiness or texture for both low and high dense baking fluids. The included accessories of the item include 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks and also one whisk. As a matter of fact, you will find a suitable storage space situation for keeping the add-ons safe. Amongst all the items that I have actually assessed, I located the quality of the accessories of this product is the very best. The cord beaters resemble specialist beaters to offer you simply the best texture you require. I especially liked the beginning feature of this item. It starts off 20 percent slower than its typical efficiency to make sure you are ready for the mixing. When you master it, you can begin raising your speed based upon the blending need. It additionally has a ‘turbo’ button to provide the press required for blending or whipping thick or concentrated batters and also dough. Here is a user manual: MX3500W_Use and Care manual

Pros Cons
Versatile No rest bowl
Durable storage case
Easy to use
Dishwasher safe
Great for beginners


  • Beginning by getting rid of add-ons from the mixer by pushing the attachment/beater launch switch. If the add-ons are dishwasher-safe, you can wash them in the dishwasher, however, make sure to run the cycle prior to the food dries as well as solidifies. Or else, clean them by hand in warm, soapy water.
  • Clean the blending dish with warm, soapy water. If the dish is dishwasher-safe as well as suits your dishwashing machine, you can clean it this way.
  • Unplug the mixer and also wipe its surface down with a wet fabric. Avoid allowing water to encounter the electric motor.
  • Dry the attachments as well as the dish, and just load the mixer away into its storage container when all of the components are entirely dry.