2020 Top Manual Meat Grinder Reviews(&Recommendations)

What do we all do every week in order to get some protein? Right, go to the supermarket or, best case scenario, to local butchers. But do you really know what was put inside your ready-made ground beef? I doubt it, because there is almost no way you can check if you are about to get a high-quality product before you buy it, so there is a possibility that ground beef you got will go directly to your happy pet.

Best way to avoid this problem is to make your own ground beef at home, once you do it, you will never go back to supermarket stuff believe me! Let’s consider some advantages and disadvantages of homemade ground beef.


Since you will arrange all the process by yourself, you know what cut of meat it was, how old it was, and how much fat was on it. You will never know that with a local supermarket.

Lower Price

You don’t need to overpay for somebody to basically put your meat through the grinder. Just walk along the aisles of your favorite supermarket, pick a nice cut, and you are good to go.

Choice Of Ingredients

Do you want to be just lean beef, or maybe chicken, beef and pork? Since you do the minced meat by yourself, you are in full control of the situation.

Manual Vs. Electric Grinder

Category Price Weight Easy to use Safety
Manual  Cheap, good for grinding newbies Light, portable,


Needs physical effort Your hands are near the grinder, so be careful
Electric More expensive, but more functions Usually quite heavy Easy to use Much safer, less direct contact with meat.

Our Choices for the Four Best Manual Meat Grinders

Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder With Powerful Suction Base

Currently, there’s a small strong style with a suction base so it doesn’t require a location to secure. And also most of the equipment splits up to pop into the dishwasher! Your grandmother would not think of bothering to change from meat to vegetables, however you can with this mill! It’s got 2 stainless steel plates for great or rugged mincing. It purées vegetables for soups or sauces and even dices garlic. Picture making fresh hamburgers as well as a unique sauce with one tool. Take it with you to impress your family and friends at your following event – it’s portable!

Grind your meats! 2 stainless steel plates for fine or rugged grinding!
Exquisite burgers, meatballs, sausage. Try a range of combos. Venison and also buffalo, anybody?



Dishwashing possible No sausage making option
Compact and portable Won’t crush bones
Safe: meat tamper, lockable enclosed blades Bad for tougher cuts
Looks elegant Not stable enough
Durable: stainless steel blades
Can be used for veggies, fruit, pasta
Convenient to store


This grinder is quite good for a small family burger party, but it will be difficult to grind a large amount of meat using this machine, plus it will most likely struggle with tough cuts of meat and bones.

Bellemain Manual Meat Grinder

If you’re trying to find the top quality meat grinder, you can have it, as well as it’s Bellemain’s! This grinder is hands-on, so you will certainly have a complete control over your grinding. It will certainly be a perfect addition to your home, and you will be in complete control over where your food originates from and also how it is ground. The meat will look spectacular whether you’ll make hamburgers or sausages. Yes, it features the sausage add-on also-all you will certainly have to do is readjust the screw, as well as you will have your sausages all ready.
This model specifically is made for people who like to grind their meat themselves and also not with the help of electricity. This is for the individual who spends a lot of their time in a home or usually an individual who has a lot of time to prepare as well as cook meals for their home. Grinding procedure isn’t constantly as quickly as one would hope for. But if you are a kind of individual that likes to take their time to make meals then this is the grinder for you. It is solid for a hand-operated mincer, and also you will certainly remain in full control of the procedure.



Durable plastic case Bad for tougher cuts
Suction cups work  great Suction cup requires a smooth surface
Durable: stainless steel blades 1 griding disk
Easy hand-crank control Not very convenient handle
Meat tamper safety feature
Easy to disassemble and clean


Provided it is used on a flat surface, it is a great lightweight device that can be taken anywhere. However, it is still far not the best for the tougher cuts.

LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-On Hand Grinder

3″ x 4″ hopper opening grinds 2-3 lbs. per minute Makes a terrific sausage glutton too LEM ® Products Clamp-On # 10 Hand Grinder includes both 3/8″ and also 3/16″ plates, knife and sausage padding tube Greatly tinned or stainless-steel for many years of service.

Grinds 2-3 lbs. per min.
Makes an excellent sausage stuffer, also.
Includes 2 plates, knife, and sausage stuffing tube.



Solid stainless steel construction A bit pricey, but great quality
Great clamping mechanism The grinder is a bit too close to the surface, hard to put a bowl under it
Can grid tough cuts, bones
Comfortable and durable wooden handle
Simple to disassemble and wash


It is a decent, sturdy device that will serve you for many years. It is good for both types of meat and also bones, plus stainless steal won’t let it rust, the only drawback is a price. This is the best option to choose from our list, but it will still require a lot of effort to grind.

Useful. Manual Meat Grinder, Mincer, and Pasta Maker

Useful meat grinder has a fashionable as well as functional design. This makes it visually appealing and functional. It is useful as a meat mill, pasta manufacturer, and also mincer. The comfy handle relieves usage. Its base is secure for very easy use the mill. Its weight is up to 1.46 extra pounds which is manageable and also easy to move load. The durable metal behind its building and construction is lightweight however strong. This cooking area home appliance is an excellent Mincer and meat grinder.



Can be used for veggies, fruit, pasta Bad for tougher cuts
Very good price Not durable
Simple to disassemble and wash
Best for paultry


It is a very cheap, simple grinder, so don’t expect much from it. I’d recommend to only use it for very soft meat, better paultry. On the positive side, it is quite versatile.

In conclusion, I would like to say that no matter what device you decide to go with, it will be a great addition to your kitchen appliances, homemade minced meat taste might even surprise you at first since it is going to be so much better!

Which of these manual meat grinders will you choose? Let us know in the comments below!